International Academy of Nutrition

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Academy is no longer accepting new student enrolments. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in the International Academy of Nutrition. We’re proud to be offering a Diploma Course in Clinical Nutrition, the details of which you can find on this site.

Our Academy has been delivering distance education courses since 1980 with regular updates. This course is presented in an  easily accessible manner using a well-established study guide method that I used when teaching at Macquarie University. It is designed to encourage a process of both recognition and recall which provide instant feedback during the learning process.

This Clinical Nutrition course is not to be confused with university courses which train dietitians.  We do share with dietitians a primary focus on foods, however we also emphasize the use of various nutrition supplements to augment or correct deficiency problems related to cellular biochemistry.   Vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients form an orchestra and are used as such by the body. When we are dealing with biochemistry we must recognize the synergistic relationship between these micronutrients. The refining and processing of our food supply has seriously compromised our nutritional intake and frequently extra supplemental help is needed.

It is now well established that cellular function is adversely affected in all clinical disorders, most obviously in the areas of  chronic degenerative diseases and age related problems. Many errors that occur in our DNA, proteins and other macromolecules may be prevented if the cells have enough of what I call “biological spare parts”. In other cases health problems may be delayed and even reversed with good nutritional strategies.

The philosophy that we espouse at the Academy takes such considerations into account, guiding the student through a fascinating and complex field of study by highlighting key areas of interest, challenging problem solving and offering direction and feedback.  Our Diploma Course in Clinical Nutrition is all about learning to maximize nutrient density in a safe and balanced way while correcting specific deficiencies associated with many clinical disorders and setting the nutritional scene for healthy aging.

Dr Robert Buist BSc (hons), PhD

Academy Director