Having Sleeping Problems- Try This

People tend to have sleeping problems as they grow older. What can we do about it? Too much stuff running around in your head. Unresolved problems that keep us awake. How do we leave the day behind and slip into dreamland with great ease.

Firstly, try a hot bath, soothing music and before bed write down all the things that you have to do tomorrow. This takes all the immediate stress out of the thought patterns. Turn off the TV, light some incense, play some peaceful music have a warm lemon drink with honey. The honey increases the uptake of tryptophan into the brain for conversion to serotonin and a good night’s sleep. If you are a man and have a prostate problem it is better not to drink before bed but definitely use the bathroom before bed.

You have probably already worked out that too much caffeine in the evening can stop you falling asleep and too much alcohol around dinner-time can cause you to wake during the night. You then have a hell of a job getting back to sleep again.

Dim the lights 20 minutes before bed and make sure that the room is completely dark for sleeping. Try to get into a habit of going to bed at the same time each night, preferably before 10.30pm, as your most effective sleep is between 11.00pm and 1.00am. Adjust your room temperature to not more than 20 degrees centigrade. This matches your natural drop in body temperature as you sleep.

If you have sensitivities to certain chemicals or foods be sure to avoid them or your body will end up fighting them all night. Exercise regularly and aerobically to ensure your cellular biochemistry is operating optimally. This also helps you lose weight if you are carrying extra kilos. This can be a problem for some people due to sleep apnoea. Recent sleep studies have shown that the person who sleeps 8 hours each night will lose weight much easier than someone who sleeps for only 5-6 hours or has broken or irregular sleep.

One of the latest natural sleeping tablets is derived from the insoluble milk protein, casein, and is called lactium. This is the peptide that causes the baby to look like it is in seventh heaven after breast feeding. As adults we lose the capacity to generate this substance from milk but it is now available as a nutrition supplement.

It has remarkable properties in that it can reduce blood pressure, lower our stress hormone cortisol, improve relationships, change moods, give us a good night’s sleep and generally cause us to chill-out and cope with things better on a daily basis. Suddenly those small things that you have been putting off doing for ages are just not such a problem any longer. This is what happens when you get a good night’s sleep.

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