Adverse Food Reactions

A lecture by Dr Robert Buist.

This presentation discusses the nutritional consequences of coeliac disease and the relationship with other autoimmune disorders, susceptibility to cancer, behaviour problems, relationship to candida, antibiotics and advice regarding breast feeding.

Adverse reactions to milk are also discussed together with influence of milk fat, cheese and lactose.  The relationship between Beta Casein A1 consumption and the incidence of diabetes, myocardial infarcts  and ischemic heart disease in various countries is also shown.

The problem with the beta casein A1 component in milk derived from bos taurus cows is due to an amino acid replacement in position 67 of the molecule. This gives rise to beta casomorphin 7 which is not a problem when milk is derived from bos indicus cows which contain beta casein A2. This is found in A2 milk in New Zealand and Australia. This can presently be bought in supermarkets in Australia.

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