“I have really enjoyed undertaking this course over the last twelve months and feel that I have learnt a great deal.” JR – doctor, Australia

“I enjoyed the course and I believe I have benefited myself and others from the information and knowledge I have gained as a result of the course.”

SB- researcher, Australia

“I completed the (earlier) Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition many years ago. As I am now practising and teaching naturopathy, I have many people that ask about the course that I would recommend. Yours is one of the courses that I hold in high esteem and I do not hesitate in recommending it.”

RB – teacher, Australia

“As a doctor I have found the material very beneficial in general practice work, especially, I believe, in the areas of psychiatry, women’s problems, general fatigue and various “minor” irritations as well as allergies and “bowel” problems. It has also benefited me personally. P.S. An excellent way to motivate oneself to a regular, relevant study routine.” DB – doctor, Hong Kong

‘Well, I didn’t really intend it to take this long…Now I have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s finished. I find the material fascinating and am using it every day in practice.”

GC – doctor, Hong Kong